Founded in 2009 to service South Africa’s booming entertainment industry.

Backstage Travel is a specialist travel management company based in Cape Town, South Africa.  We believe seamless and professional travel management is the backbone of any successful event. 

We work closely with producers and promoters from the early planning phases right up to and including show day. We are on site like any other crew member ensuring all goes to plan, working the same hours as crew do, at the same locations. It’s this sort of commitment and experience that ensures the show goes on, every time. 

Why use us ? 

Backstage Travel specialise in servicing the special events, TV & Film Production, and live entertainment niche markets.

Meeting the specific needs created by these exciting industries requires a totally different approach to travel management. Large groups of people moving from place to place with no margin for error, requires us to adopt more of a project management role, rather than a standard flight reservation service.

A dedicated consultant works closely with the client throughout the project, and remains focused on the specific event until completion. We are on call 24 hours of every day, and where required, will have an on site travel co-ordinator for the duration of the event.

Our extensive experience in moving crews and casts, VIP’s and entourages, within tight budgets and deadlines, always ensures that the show goes on.


Up late trying to figure out if that hotel can accommodate all your guests?

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